This new wandering Alice experience the fresh Cheshire Pet exactly who bandages the lady case and you will escorts this lady for the tea party

This new wandering Alice experience the fresh Cheshire Pet exactly who bandages the lady case and you will escorts this lady for the tea party

Alice returns to help you Tarrant and you will Mallymkun however, immediately was charged of seduction

Alice happens which have Chessur and fits Tarrant Hightopp, brand new Frustrated Hatter, also Thackery Earwicket, the new March Hare and you will Mallymkun. Ilosovic Stayne, the latest Knave out-of Hearts, arrives at the latest tea-party. The Hatter rapidly shrinks Alice to help you 6-in extreme and you can hides this lady during the good teapot. Tarrant seems to convince Bayard never to show Alice’s area. Bayard prospects the fresh Knave along with his soldiers aside. Tarrant starts their trip that have Alice towards the their hat.

On the way, Tarrant says to his unfortunate facts regarding how he missing his clan while the start of Red Queen’s reign known as the Horunvendush Go out on the death of the Vorpal Sword. The fresh new notes begin to means cornering Tarrant and you will Alice in the good lake so when a last hotel, Tarrant sets his cap having Alice involved over the river.

Alice is from the Bayard and in installment to the incidents conducive on the bring off Hatter, Alice is delivered to the Red-colored Queen’s castle and you will crosses the moat full of cut minds. Bayard throws Tarrant’s cap along side wall surface. Once the Queen is actually to play croquet, Alice is found because of the Nivens McTwisp, the fresh Light Bunny which gets their some more Upelkuchen cake so you’re able to make her grow again, but Alice consumes too much and you may increases to eight.5 feet. The new Reddish King sees Alice also to stop uncertainty, Alice tells this new King this lady name’s Um regarding Umbridge and that people laugh on her height. Brand new King accepts Alice’s tale and you may welcomes the lady so you’re able to the woman court. Alice soon finds out herself within Red-colored Queen’s side as well as the Crazy Hatter’s walk, which ultimately the latest Purple King is actually convinced from the Tarrant to be their hatter. Alice can recover Tarrant’s hat and you will production they so you’re able to your.

Tarrant is seized instead resistance and you may Alice chooses to sleep not as much as new cap

Bayard manages to reach the latest Light Queen’s castle that’s greeted by White King herself. Bayard provides the news headlines that Alice is remaining in the fresh Reddish Queen’s palace.

Alice discovers this new Vorpal Sword and therefore resides in the brand new domain name away from this new Bandersnatch. On her method, the brand new Knave corners the woman however, Alice seems to escape. One of many Purple Queens supporters try watching. Retrieving the interest from Mallymkun, Alice returns the attention towards Bandersnatch. Alice discovers the fact towards the Vorpal Sword but is locked. Alice’s wound starts to shed and she falls unconscious. Nivens McTwisp retrieves the fresh new Oraculum. The next morning when you find yourself Tarrant is hatting the fresh new Purple Queen, she hears the news concerning the Knaves development with the Alice. Alice gets to find the Bandersnatch watching their. Alice notices a key into instance into its neck. Alice retrieves the key and you may salvages this new Vorpal Blade. The new Bandersnatch repays Alice because of the licking the woman wound making it better while the a sign of relationship.

New Knave attempts to lie exactly how it is Um (Alice) which is enthusiastic about him, which the King thinks and you can orders the brand new simply take out-of Um. The Knave notices brand new Vorpal sword and attempts to pussy they. Hatter holds new Knave and cards from, however, Mallymkun blurts out, “Manage, Alice.” The Knave, today knowing Alice’s true label, decides to kill their.

Alice runs out into the courtyard it is ambushed by the notes, but the Bandersnatch holidays clear of their strings and you may escapes which have Alice inside the tow. Alice finds the brand new White Queen’s castle, presenting this new Vorpal Sword on queen. This new Light Queen following shrinks Alice back so you can the lady completely new dimensions. Alice suits once more that have Absolem just who responses regarding their before review one to she wasn’t Alice after that it is more like Alice today.

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